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There are approximately 20 art galleries, foundries and other outlets where the talents of local artists and artisans are waiting to be experienced - and yes, purchased! These locations can be found throughout the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. Use our searchable database below to find a studio or gallery near you. The category search tool is currently being enhanced and in the interim we appreciate your patience.

Consider taking a drive to some of our larger and smaller centres where the galleries are located. See also our Artists and Artisans page where the names of artist and artisan groups are listed. Many of these groups participate in semi-annual or annual art tours which showcase local art while also taking in our picturesque region.

The photo shows the interior of the Inspirations Art Gallery of Lyn.

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All businesses in Leeds Grenville can be featured in the directory. Note: Upon registering your business it will be displayed on the Counties website and the participating municipal websites.
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