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The Leeds Grenville Business Directory search tool located below can be used to locate a real estate agency within the United Counties. We have a large area and representatives in every corner of the region. Please note the category search tool is currently being enhanced and in the interim your patience is appreciated.

The Rideau-St. Lawrence Real Estate Board services the Lanark, Leeds and Grenville area. The board was incorporated in 1954 to provide an information exchange service for member and this has evolved into the MLS system. There are more than 200 members listed with the Rideau-St. Lawrence Real Estate Board. Visit their website.


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Cathey McNamee Real Estate
503 Laurier Blvd.
Brockville, Ontario
K6V 6J3
Search Results: Viewing 1 - 10 of 21
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All businesses in Leeds Grenville can be featured in the directory. Note: Upon registering your business it will be displayed on the Counties website and the participating municipal websites.
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