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Forfar Dairy Limited:

For close to 150 years, Forfar Dairy Limited has been making cheese in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. Located in Forfar, this enterprising dairy has created cow cheddar, curd and unique new cheeses with caraway, green onion, red pepper and garlic. In more recent decades they have launched goat milk products, which are more easily digested and ideal for people with lactose intolerance. Forfar Dairy now produces goat milk cheeses including feta, mozzarella, chevre and cheddar. Some of these products are flavoured with dill, jalapeno and garsley, a garlic and parsley mix. Today they also offer sheep milk cheese with the milk being provided by local farmers. They offer feta, cheddar and their own semi-soft called Trillium. The factory store has hand-scooped ice cream and the shelves are filled with deli products and gifts. This is a favourite spot for curd lovers.

Where they are: 1536 County Road 42 (RR #1 Portland). This is approximately 45 minutes north of Kingston, or 70 minutes from Ottawa travelling on Highway 15. Forfar Dairy is located less than two kilometres east of Highway 15 on County Road 42.

How to connect: Call 613-272-2107 or visit their website. To find other unique businesses within our area use our Leeds Grenville Business Directory searchable database below. Our category search tool is currently being enhanced and in the interim we thank you for your patience.

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