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Ashbury Inn on the RiverThere's no disputing the charm of Bed and Breakfast accommodations. Here in Leeds Grenville we have a wide range of B&Bs and our searchable database below is here to help you.

Quiet and quaint tucked away in your own private ensuite hideaway, or chatting away sharing stories from around the world with the inn keepers - it's your choice.

Some B&Bs are found in heritage homes and mansions and can even feature signature breakfast options and offer additional items such as take-out lunches for picnics, bike storage, and can arrange for special requests like reiki or a massage on-site.

Search for a B&B below or choose again from the menu at left.  Data to be used by the detailed category search tool is in the process of being enhanced. We appreciate your patience.

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Search Results: Viewing 1 - 10 of 38
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All businesses in Leeds Grenville can be featured in the directory. Note: Upon registering your business it will be displayed on the Counties website and the participating municipal websites.
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