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Eastern Ontario is home to many ATV and multi-use trails. See our listings and use our searchable database below to discover what is available in Leeds and Grenville. The category search tool is in the process of being enhanced and in the interim we thank you for your patience.

Johnstown ATV Club: This club has a 150-kilometre trail system which extends from Angelo's Restaurant (Old Highway 16) just north of Johnstown to the Limerick Forest South Tract. Their website states they cater to both serious and casual riders. There is a tunnel under Highway 416, which allows access to trails on both sides of the highway. The trails are open year round with the only exceptions being closure during the spring thaw and district hunting seasons. Trail conditions vary and you can learn more about the system and the club by visiting their website.

Limerick Forest: The majority of the large variety of recreational activities occurring within Limerick Forest is associated with its many trails and roads. The trail network within Limerick Forest consists of approximately 180 kilometres of trails ranging in size from "single track" to emergency access roads suitable for full-sized vehicles. In addition, approximately 30 kilometres of "groomed" snowmobile trails are maintained by the Leeds & Grenville Snowmobile Association. A number of information kiosks have been installed at various locations throughout Limerick Forest. Mosaics of air photos and trail maps, 911 locations, parking areas and public service announcements may be found on these kiosks. The current "multi-use" philosophy in Limerick encourages flexibility, consideration and respect amongst all user groups. There are very few restrictions on activities occurring within the forest. They include no permanent structures (i.e., tree stands), no overnight camping (and camp fires), and no motorized vehicles on the hiking trails north of the Limerick Chalet. The forest is owned and managed by the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. For more information visit the Limerick Forest website.
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Limerick Forest
Limerick Forest Interpretive Centre
1175 Limerick Road
Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0
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